April Fools Day: Sponge Cake

I love a good joke or anything that makes you laugh. So of course (if I remember) I am going to get someone on April Fools Day, this year the kids were the target.

This simple sponge cake has only 3 “ingredients” and is easily adaptable into everyday life so that no one will suspect it is an April Fools Day joke.

You will need:

White Sponge



Take your white sponge and cut it into bite sized square pieces. This ensures that they will just pick up the “cake” and take a bite instead of trying to eat with a fork.

Cover the “cake” squares in frosting on all sides except the bottom. This gets a little messy but it’s not meant to be pretty. Don’t worry about getting it perfectly covered, even if some of the sponge is showing it looks like cake. (You will see in the video that Viv checks out the bottom and still proceeds to take a bite.)

Place “cakes” on a plate, put sprinkles on the top and you are ready.

I knew that as soon as the kids got in the car after school that they would ask for a snack and they did. I told them that grandma had to make cake for a funeral and church today and she had some kept some for the kids to have. They bought it, no questions asked.

When we arrived home they brought their bags upstairs and went to the kitchen for their snack….

I’m already cooking up some ideas for next year!!!

Love Always Happy April Fools Day … Tam


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