Holy Sh!t We’re Building a House: Progress

There is still a lot of stuff happening around the house, it just just doesn’t feel like it. After the big changes that happened in the last post my wow factor is down on this one.

Our concrete guy fixed the little mishap with the windows and all our windows are now in. Since he had to cut the wall I got to take a picture of what the inside looks like, which I think is pretty cool.


Electrical is the big project going on right now and let me tell you I’ve never put so much thought into where you want outlets and switches and should there be two or four or this height or that…but I know it will all be worth it. We may have gone a little overboard on the can lights but when I’m old and my eye sight is shot from sitting behind a computer all day I’ll be happy with all the lights. There are so many lights and so much wire! (Picture does not do justice)


Last weekend I stained all the boards for the front porch ceiling. All the boards, so many boards!! Yesterday they were put up!  Now I have to pick out the fans that we want and I’m going to paint those white light covers too.


Our kitchen designer sent over the final plans for the kitchen and since we are visual people this is what went down Friday night. I asked him to draw on the handles and hinges 🙂


This morning I signed off on the final print and sent it off. It’s a done deal. Now we wait… 6 weeks. I don’t know if I can wait that long!!

Final Kitchen

Up next should be plumbing and more electrical. And the steel for the roof showed up this morning. Hopefully that will go up this week too.

Love Always … Tam

Click to see all of our home building progress.


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