Fall is in the Air!

My mom has always decorated for the season or holiday, always and she has a schedule. So when August hit the Summer decor came down and the Fall went up.

Usually my mom sticks to very traditional fall color, your oranges, mustard yellows and browns. This year she went stepped out of her maple leaf shaped box and tried something new.

Well she tossed in some new with the traditional.

This all started because of this dang table runner that we found at At Home Superstore.


Which lead to the kitchen being more of a Peachy Orange and Minty Green for fall.


She reused some pieces from last year and gave them a little makeover with green and orange paint.


See how she snuck in some of the traditional fall there, just anchoring the items on the shelf. All but one of those pumpkins were from last year and she gave them a quick coat of paint to fit in with her new fall colors.


The living room is still pretty traditional fall colors and check out the window we found at a local flea market. The green is just perfect for fall (and could transition for Christmas) and the size is just right for above her mantle. Always remember to carry a tape measure on you, we took a gamble with this hoping it would fit, we actually thought it was going to be bigger than the mantle.


She likes to take bits from bigger floral arrangements and incorporate them else where in the room or house to help tie everything together.


The couch got some much needed (per my dad) new big pillows and soft blankets.

Fall Decor Ideas tamcam10

Mom is making a new art piece to go above the couch so hopefully I can get a picture of that up here when it’s finished.


The next time we decorate will be for Christmas and hopefully I will have pictures of my house too!!!

Love Always … Tam




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