Holy Sh!t We’re Building a House: Sheetrock, Siding and Salamanders

Forgive me readers as it has been 2 weeks since my last post, but I assure you it is because we have been working hard on the house.

Where to start…

All of the siding is up..

LP Smart Side Platinum, Cedar Shakes, Home Building, tamcam10

The porch post were wrapped in cedar, stone for the bottom part is coming this week.

Front Porch, Cedar, Cement, Red Lab

Two out of the three garage doors have been installed. Aren’t they pretty….they better be cause they were expensive!


The sheet rock was delivered, I thought it looked like wayyyyy too much rock but in the end we only had 8 full sheets left.

Sheet Rock, Home Building, tamcam10

It took two weekends, a lot of man power and a few choice beverages but all the sheet rock is hung!

Sheet Rock, Home Building, tamcam10

My dad has been trying to figure out if this will work for an indoor archery lane… um no thank you.

Sheet Rock, Home Building, Indoor Archery Lane, tamcam10

We had a few visitors this week, one made it’s way into the garage and this big guy we saw at the end of the driveway. I haven’t seen salamanders for years but remember playing with them all the time when we were kids.

salamander, tamcam10

The kids even helped out a bit packing down the driveway with the wacker… I think that’s the technical term…


This weekend ended with paper being laid on the floor before the tapers & mudders come this week, spray foaming the attic is also on the schedule.

All caught up for now, I will keep you posted.

Love Always … Tam

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