Holy Sh!t We’re Building a House: Moving Right Along

A lot of stuff happened the last four days, like a lot so lets get you up to date.

Starting from where I left off in my last post….

Last time I ended with all the drywall being hung. Now that drywall is tapped, mudded and the ceiling knocked down. (I swear those are the technical terms)

Sheet Rock, Drywall, Mudding, Taping, tamcam10

The garage is now covered in steel. (During Picture)

Garage, Steel, tamcam10

The stone work on the front of the house is all placed. It is Moss Rock from South Dakota and it really has moss on the rocks! (During Picture)

LP Smart Side Platinum, Moss Rock, South Dakota

Thursday Eric, his mom and my dad…knocked out priming the entire house! They were priming machines! It took almost 30 gallons of primer to cover all the surfaces.

Primer, tamcam10

I guess they had so much fun painting that Eric, his mom & dad painted the ceilings Friday morning. Which meant that I had to get to the paint store and make my final decision on paint colors. I knew that I wanted Hale Navy in my bedroom and Gravel Grey in the Den. For the rest of the house I could not decide on one color, I have been carrying around a bag a paint swatches for almost two months of potential colors.

Empty Paint Cans, Valspar, Revere Pewter

For the most part I was set on Agreeable Gray but my gut knew it wasn’t the right color. My mom stopped by the store to help me decided, because you’re never too old for your mama’s help! I had been going back and forth between Agreeable Gray and Eider White and then a local painter came in changed my mind completely.

We asked her what color she would choose out of the two and she said Agreeable Gray, but she was going to have them look up the name of a color she likes to use. She told me it was something Pewter… I reached in my pocket and pulled out a swatch for Revere Pewter and asked her if that was it. Sure it was.

I took the two samples outside and compared Agreeable Gray to Revere Pewter with the wood from my kitchen cabinets and could tell that Agreeable Gray was just too “silvery” and that Revere Pewter as my color.

Agreeable Gray vs Revere Pewter, tamcam10

We started cutting in the paint and Eric was not too sure on my color choice.

Revere Pewter vs Primer White, tamcam10

But as we went on and the primer was covered up the color really shined and everyone agreed it was the right choice.

Revere Pewter, Living Room, tamcam10

We finished painting the entire house Friday night, actually it was almost Saturday morning by the time we were done.

Saturday I finished painting the last three walls with Hale Navy and Gravel Gray. Sorry no pictures of those walls yet. Then my mother in-law and I stained and polyed the windows and jambs for the next two days.

Now that the walls are done, outlets and light switches can be completed. Can lights and ceiling fans can go up on the ceiling.

Oh and I can’t forget one really important thing that happened…. we got our sewer in! Yeah!

sewer, mound system, tamcam10

Things are really moving right along now.

Love Always … Tam

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