Holy Sh!t We’re Building a House: Overdue Update

I am long overdue with an update for you guys.

Things are getting done, we are getting closer to finished, one step at a time.

We need to button up a few things and then we are ready for the next inspection before moving forward.

We still have some duct work on the ground but most of it is up in the ceiling…


The roof is all buttoned up…

… and the electrical is almost complete.

My mother in-law spray painted the can lights for the porch so they weren’t stark white.
You can see how they looked all white, Here.
This Rust-oleum Matte Hammered spray paint did just the trick.


We also got the shakes up on the gable (I think that is what it’s called)


Did you spy the fans on the porch!

Here is a look at the house further back…


I’m constantly trying to figure out what I can get done now (besides cleanup), so I went to our local hardware store to have some custom stain made for the woodwork.  Since the kitchen is open to the living room, entry and the center of the house I wanted all the woodwork to match/coordinate.
The top is our kitchen cabinets.
The middle is the wood used on our windows and trim.
The bottom is the wood used for our doors.
We will be mixing a different stain for the doors so it coordinates better, this was just to show me how the one stain looked on both types of wood.
Angie at Balsam Lake Hardware does an amazing job making custom colors for you and also helping you with your color decision. My mom and I have used her for our many projects over the years. From the stain for their cedar siding, paint colors for rooms and mixing custom chalk paint colors for our furniture projects.


Here is a picture just for fun… there was a hole that needed to be cut in our exterior walls and this is that chunk. Our walls are 10 in thick of concrete and foam.


That’s all for this update, the next one will be a good one and not take me as long to post. Since it has taken me a couple of days to get this posted they have already made lots of picture worthy progress on the house!!

Stay Tuned…

Love Always … Tam


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