Fall Home Decor Tour 2020 Part 1

If I am being honest here my fall decor has actually been up since the second week of August, but it hasn’t been complete until now. At our old house I didn’t get into decorating as much for fall just a pumpkin here and there.

At the new house my fall decor has risen to a whole new level. I have been hitting up all the Michaels, Hobby Lobby, At Home… you name it for fall decor. Of course I try to buy on sale because this decor hobby is expensive!


Lets start this Fall Home Decor Tour just off of the kitchen with my Antique Pie Hutch that is going to be the death of me. When I purchased this beauty she was bright red, after 3 rounds of paint stripper and countless hours of hand sanding… she is still pretty red. I wanted to restore her to the natural wood but for now we are working with the red.

Since I am new to this whole decor thing my stock it limited, so I like to take items from other rooms and create new setups when I change things up. The vintage Thermos’ and Campfire Marshmallow tin I pulled from my Den/Dining room summer set up. Then I put together a few grouping of items I had around the house to create this sort of General Store feel.

On top of the pie hutch I have one of most favorite purchases to date. If you have not checked out Decor Steals yet, don’t! Your wallet will run dry from all the purchases you will be making. I had seen this Drug Store sign several times from Pinterest to Facebook Groups, I finally figured out that it came from Decor Steals and purchased immediately.

Over the course of this virtual Fall Decor Tour you will see one reoccurring theme, that I may have become slightly obsessed with. There may have been three separate purchases of said item because I just needed a little more Hanging Eucalyptus in my life. But come on it it so pretty and whimsical. And these green pumpkins were too cute to pass up from Michael’s.

Moving to the Kitchen most of my Fall Decor is on the island. I don’t switch it up too much just add some new flowers and swap items out of my Tiered Tray.

Find my Stools, Here! Find my Lights, Here!

Most of my flowers I buy after the season and either save until next year or make them work for the next season. My owl was purchased from Goodwill and was originally lime green! Some chalk paint & wax and she is a staple in my home decor. Mini pumkins with the gold crackling can be found at, At Home, as well as the other mini pumpkin & gourd.

Just a few Mini Pumpkins on top of my vintage scale. Sorry no links to find these items, just enjoy the hunt when you go shopping at your favorite vintage stores.

One of the oddest pieces I have in my house is the old time card holder, do you remember these? At Christmas time I use it to hold cards. The rest of the year it makes for a unique place to arrange some flowers.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my Fall Decor Home Tour. I hadn’t planned on making it multiple parts but once I adding the pictures it was clear that it was going to me too much for one post.

Love Always … Tam


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