Buns and Guns

Tuesday night was my debut at the gym. I was late for the first class so I hopped on the treadmill until Buns and Guns. I started out at 3 mph, my shins hurt so I took it down a few notches and worked my way back up to 3.  It was a nice brisk walk and I got to watch some good reality TV (can those words even be in the same sentence, Good and Reality TV??)  Buns and Guns was a whole different story I was sweating my ass off in the first 5 min, I thought I was going to die. When I first walked in the class the instructor immediately sought me out as a new person, came over, introduced herself and we had a little chat. I’m not going to lie I was a little taken back, most of my communication with people is done via e-mail or text, so I am a little rusty on my verbal skills. She definitely made a good first impression on me. So the class consist of your body and small weights, I used 5 lbs and will be using 3 lbs next time. You do a series of motions that work your gluts and arms all perfectly timed to music. Sounds pretty easy right? Wrong! It is Thursday and I still want to cry when I walk up stairs.

This next is going to be a crazy one. Tomorrow is Halloween and Becky flies home. Saturday is girls night at the Casino. Tuesday my sister flies home. Friday is Garth Brooks!!! Oh and I will be working in the gym between all of that. Look for updates on everything next week.

Love Always … Tam


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