New House: 5 Ideas for Pantry Doors

One of my favorite things about my future kitchen is the walk in pantry. Right now I have kitchen gadgets and appliances stored in my bedroom, living room and bathroom! You can imagine my excitement of having them all in the kitchen again. Back in high school I had a friend that lived in an old farmhouse, they had a butlers pantry and I was just memorized by it, don’t know why I’m just strange like that.
Here are my top 5 ideas for Pantry Doors

five ideas for pantry doors

1: Painted Door: If you already have a perfectly good pantry door just add a little paint.

2: Glass Door: This one is by far my favorite. I prefer the frosted glass look just because I don’t think the inside of my pantry will stay cute looking all the time. Of course I will have to add some lettering too! Give any ordinary window that frosted look with these two options: Spray Paint Version or Film Version


3: Barn Board: Who doesn’t love some reclaimed (or DIY) Barn Board? Bonus if you have the room to make it into a slider door.

4: Screen Door: If you are lucky to enough to find a beautiful old screen door, consider using it for your pantry.

5: Chalk Board: Use it to jot down  your grocery list, draw something cool or just keep the kids busy why you cook. Chalk Boards are easy to add with special paint and add a neat element to any room.

Now I need to get busy and find a door with glass on the top or convince my husband to make me one…

Love Always … Tam


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