New House: 5 Unique Laundry Room Ideas

Good news the lady came out and did her Water Witching and found a good spot to drill our well and we are drilling next week! One step closer to building, but until then more house dreaming. Today’s room of topic is the Laundry Room. I swear the more I blog the more and more I sound like a boring adult! One the other hand… boring adult stuff must be the cool if you are all reading about Laundry Rooms…. In our current house we actually moved the laundry room from the main floor to the basement. Some were not as sold on the idea of moving the laundry down stairs as we were but I believe we made the right decision; a) My laundry room doubled in size b) I get in extra steps going up & down stairs and the best part c) We doubled the size of our bathroom and it is amazing! Even though I am happy with changing the location of the Laundry Room, it is still in the basement of an old house and I can’t wait to have it in a nice, new room full of potential.

5 Unique Laundry Room Ideas

1-Have a counter above your washer & dryer. Not only is this idea great for extra space to fold and stack (or pull from the dryer and pile on top) it should also help cut down on losing things in between and behind the washer & dryer (Hello missing socks and dust bunnies)


2- Laundry Carts. Laundry baskets do a great job of holding your clothes but how cute are these Laundry Carts! I would love to find some vintage ones, kicking myself for passing some up long before we thought of building.


3-Clean Bright Colors. I am loving the all White look in the laundry room, but I am also crushing on Grey for the bottom cabinets.


4-Hang Dry Racks. The ideas for these are endless. Use an old bed spring or ladder. Hide your rack in or on the wall.


5-Dispenser Decor. Don’t let those bleach and tide bottles mess with your room decor. You can easily find beverage dispensers to hold the liquids or containers to hold pods.


I actually just went to our local home improvements store (Menards) and found these two beverage dispensers on clearance for $9.99! Then I searched around my house and found some mason jars and a couple containers to hold other items. Everything else went in plastic bins (also from Menards)


img_7195 Basement Laundry Room


Love Always … Tam





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