2019 Goals January Recap: Top Three Goals

January is finally coming to an end, it was a long year! (not a typo it felt like a year) We ended January with the  Polar Vortex losing its way and bring temps to a staggering -50 here, they canceled school for 4 days in a row! I have never been looking forward more to our road trip in March. Nothing like going out with a bang January.

I am happy to report that my goals for the month of January look better then the temperatures for January. In my Bloom Vision Planner at the beginning of every month there is the Monthly Vision section, I filled out all the boxes and am happy to report that I completed 6 out of 7 goals, Yeah Me! The one that surprised me the most was that I read a book. In fact I read 3 books, they were e-books about blogging and Pinterest but they still count as books in my world.

My Top Three Goals for 2019

Goal 1: Build a House
We went to the bank and started our application for our loan, just need to get a few things back to them before they can take things to the next step. We are trying to pay cash when we can and we purchased our windows for the house, along with some patio doors. Eric works for a window company so getting windows was a top propriety. I have also changed up the background of my computer to our floor plans. I found myself wondering where items would go and if we have the space for this or that. Having this as my background makes it easy for me to check and see.

one level house plan goals tamcam10

Goal 2: Lose Weight I wish I had a better report on this one, I really didn’t lose anything. I did really good at tracking my habits on the Habit Tracker for about 2 weeks. I did my tracking but I wasn’t very good at actually doing the habits… 😦 But it did make me aware of that, it was right in front of my face in Black and White! I’m finding that two weeks is about my attention span and then I seem to fizzle out. This last week I started tracking my water and paying attention to how it effects me, I will have a report for you on that after I finish up my two weeks.

Goal 3: Blog More
The fact that I am writing this blog right now is a good sign.Not only have I been blogging but I have been reading about blogging, this coming from the girl that has only read 50 Shades since High School.  I have blogged more in the month of January then I have since I started this blog 4 years ago.  Just look at all these post! They are mostly about ideas for when I can finally decorate our house, but a have a few original post coming up in the next month.


Time to start planning my February goals.

Love Always … Tam

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