Home Decor: Second Hand Finds

If you didn’t know building a house is expensive with a capital E! So it is a good thing that I like finding home decor items second hand. I think it is part the thrill of the search, the idea that each item has a story and the score of a good deal that makes it so exciting.

Now you can find places to shop second hand anywhere and in different capacities. There isn’t the stigma of “you are poor” when you shop second hand. Heck people have their own TV shows all about shopping second hand.

My go to places to shop second hand would be brick and mortar stores; your antique, junk and boutique stores. Second would be Face Book Market Place or Craigslist but I don’t always like dealing with going to pick up items. Our new found love is Flea Markets! I didn’t know that we had so many around, best part is that you can shop 100 stores in one place.

When my sister was home we went to Taylors Fall’s to check out the bead store and of course I had to stop by one of my favorite local spots, River Alley Shoppes. Where I found this adorable, er, hm, I think it is one of those things you pour milk or cream from. I’m thinking of putting a couple of flowers in it or just leaving it plain. Look at how cute it is!! I also found this dish, I’m a sucker for anything green. Might use it as a little catch all or flip it over and place something on top of it. One will never know… until I use it that is.


Then we went to the Taylors Fall’s Bead Store, I forgot that they had a “year round garage sale” in the basement, wouldn’t you know I found some goodies down there. Like I said I am a sucker for anything green and this vintage green cooler is no exception. Then I found these round wood things. I just thought they looked neat and would look great on a shelf somewhere. When I was checking out the lady said that they were vintage hat stands. I will have to look more into them, I’m not quite sure what the nails would’ve been used for. I think that both of these items will end up in the Den/Dining room.


A few weeks later mom and I ventured out on rare Saturday where we had no kids and nothing that had to be done. We actually weren’t even going to venture out because we had plenty of stuff to do and we didn’t really need anything.  We were going to go Thursday and got busy, then Friday and then Saturday rolled around. We were debating about going and finally just hoped in the truck and went. We decided to stop saying “we can do it next time” and went. Funny thing is, is that we never even made it to our intended stop because we found an even bigger flea market on the way. Mom walked away with this gorgeous Green Window for above her fireplace and a tall wardrobe that she has plans for after we move out.

I found a man that made piggy banks out of old post office boxes and you use the combination or key to get in the piggy bank. I will have to look for his info and link it later.


Then I found an old time clock that would’ve went great with my Time Card Holder. But I thought rationally and decided that even though it looked cool it was big and heavy and I didn’t know what I would actually do with it. At the same vendor I did find this vintage flash light that doubles as a secret hiding place. Good thing we don’t need batteries that big anymore! Again, I am a sucker for Green.


My last find of the day was this Drafting Table. Not only is it neat looking and I can only imagine all the stories it holds but it will be a multi-functional piece. The kids can use it for artwork, or we can use it as a table (as it folds flat) or I can use it to display said artwork.


After our Flea Market venture I told my mom I was DONE shopping for home decor until I actually had a home to decorate. The next day she proceeds to send me a link to a Face Book Market listing. She never listens! But it is close and you said you haven’t been able to find one like this, she pleaded to me. Of course she was right. It was super close, about a mile from our house. Fun Fact: the gal selling it was the nurse during Declan’s delivery…. that’s when you know you live in a small town! And I have been looking for a cupboard like this. I need to fix it up a bit, the red is going and so is the chicken wire. I wan’t to place boards in the openings. I need to figure out whether I can make new look old or find some old boards that will work. This will go in the corner where some day my fireplace mantle will go, when I find just the right one.


I can’t wait for all of these to find their place in our new home!

Love Always … Tam


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