Easy Panda Valentine’s Box

This year I thought that I was getting off easy with Valentine’s boxes for school, Declan was making his in class and Viv hadn’t said anything about having to make one (I even asked her). So Imagine my surprise when four days before Valentine’s Day she comes home and tells me that she needs to make a Valentine’s box for school…. insert side eye.

Don’t get me wrong I love doing crafts as most of you know if you have been reading this blog. But we had just spent the last week making an Indian village diorama, it was Monday night and the last thing I wanted to do was run to the store to buy supplies.

So I told Viv we will make this Valentine’s box but we had to find everything we needed in the house… which really shouldn’t be that hard with the stash of random craft items I have.

First Viv showed me a Pink & Purple Heart Monster Valentine’s box… ok we can do that. I send her on a hunt for paint, paper and pipe cleaners. Imagine my surprise when she comes back with none of that and a picture of this Panda Valentine’s box….


Now this Panda Valentine’s box clearly uses some type of mechanical cutting device, which I don’t have, but we can do it! I do have white wrapping paper, black card stock and a pair of scissors.

I first start with finding a circle to trace for the ears, in our case that was a 1 cup measuring cup. The eyes were free hand and I just kind of went for it cutting the large shape out first and then cutting out the middle. I then took the middles, folded them in half took a little off the edge and then cut a heart out of the middle. Viv free handed the nose and mouth, then went over it with a black permanent maker.

Then came time for the extra’s a little blush, adding a flower to the ears and lashes, everything looks better with lashes ; )

Less then an hour later and we have our Panda Valentine’s box!

Easy Panda Valentine's Box tamcam10

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Love Always … Tam

Check out Viv’s Valentines box from last year… Click Here!



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