Shower Organization


About 5 years ago we decided to remodel our bathroom, best thing ever! We went from a tiny, tiny bathroom that you could litterly sit, shut the door & wash your hands all at the same time, to a very spacious bathroom with a large soaking tub!

Yes, there is a TV in the bathroom.

I did have to sacrifice moving the laundry room to the basement but that was ok. Also with getting this grand tub it meant the shower would be separate, we used to have the tub/shower combo. That was all fine and dandy until I realized that I had no room to put all my shower necessities! I tried to persuade my husband to get a fancy shower with a built in shelf, but all he needs is soap and a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner and he good, lets just say he didn’t see the need for the shelf.

He doesn’t undstand what all goes on when a women takes a shower, I need my shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, face wash, face mask, body wash, body lotion, shaving cream and a razor at the very least! I suffered for years with the two tiny shelves that each held one bottle, a suction cup basket that fell down every other day and vast array of products scattered around the floor of the shower.

Then I decided to do something about it. Like most projects I do, I did it on a whim. So I set out to good old Menards and Wal-Mart (the only stores within 30 miles of my house) to find what I needed- a shower pole and some baskets.

I couldn’t quite find the baskets that I envisioned, so shower curtain hooks were also needed. I chose these baskets for two reasons 1) they are cheap, $2 and 2) they have holes to drain the water, however they are a little bit wider then I would have liked. One tip before heading out to the store…measure what size shower rod you need. Argh off the the store I go again.

Minor set back, because the end result was so worth it.

Look at how organized everything is! Now that I have had my shower like this for a while I am overall happy with the end result, I could get away with just two baskets (sometimes I bump into them) and I am going to invest in a curved shower rod to give you just a little more room.

Love Always … Tam

County Fair!!


I love going to the County Fair and now both of my kids are big enough to go on rides so that means more fair time!! We went to the fair 3 out of the 4 days. Day one was wrist band night, you get to ride as many rides as you want for $20, both kids rode more then their $20 so it was well worth it. This was Declan’s first year being tall enough to ride and he loved it.


They also found this Polaris Razor that was the perfect size for them and begged daddy to buy it… better start saving up now kids!


Friday night Uncle Joe pulled his truck at the Truck Pull. The kids were so excited to see him do it and Declan could not get enough of all the load trucks.


The plus side of all this walking means I did very well on my Fitbit Challenges and just meeting my goals in general. I won one Workweek Hustle and earned 2 Urban Boot badges (15,000 steps in a day) not too bad since normally I’m luck to get in 8,000 steps a day. I also made it through the weekend without gaining any weight and still enjoying all of my favorite fair food. Two cheers for moderations!


Saturday night I got all prettied up cause Eric and I were going to the Tractor Pull (if you didn’t know I live in a small, rural county in Wisconsin) without kids. While walking around at the fair a girl (high school age) turns to me and says…Ma’am I love your hair…. I thanked her for the compliment and then thought to myself who is this Ma’am she speaks of!!! Man I am getting old 😦 But at least she was poliet and she liked my hair….maybe I am still hip…..I was having a really good hair day!


All in all it was a great weekend, until next year County Fair.
This coming weekend something big is happening, life changing for our family…..stay tuned.

Love Always … Tam

My First Dia Box


I’m sure most of you have hear of Stitch Fix, where you get a box in the mail with hand picked clothing just for you. Well I have always wanted to try it but they don’t carry big enough sizes 😦  The other week I was scrolling through Pinterest and I saw a Pin for  Dia & Co and the caption read something like …plus sized fashion delivered to you…. So I gave their web site a look around, same deal as Stitch Fix just bigger sizes, size 14 and up, yes up not down! 

I decided to give it a go and started the process of ordering my first box. You answer a bunch of questions about your style, colors you like, what to avoid and your price range. I choose the option for each piece to be $50 or less, cause mama ain’t rich and if I liked every piece I was looking at $250 a box…. Or was it that expensive…. 

It wasn’t even a week before my box arrived, it was like Christmas waiting for it to get here, except it had tracking and I rushed home to get it as soon as it had arrived. 

There was a nice note for me from my stylist, explaining the pieces she had chosen and ideas on how to wear them. They were all nicely wrapped up in tissue paper, until I ripped it open! At first glance I liked everything except the skirt, the pattern/color was a little off my style. But to my surprise everything fit and it fit well. So I decided to keep them all!!! 

I already have plans to wear the dress for an upcoming wedding. The tunics I’m still figuring out how to wear/style cause I’ve never worn them before. The necklace perfectly describe my style and colors I love. And the skirt, even though I didn’t like it at first when I put it on it fit well and camoflauged some areas I like to hide, so it’s a keeper. 

In the end the entire box ended up costing me just over $150 which I was very comfortable with. For keeping everything in the box you get a 20% discount. Here is exactly what I spent: 

I plan on purchasing another Dia Box in September/October (if I can wait that long) to get a few fall pieces. If anyone wants to check it out and receive their own Dia box click here: Dia & Co

Watch for me to “model” my outfits soon! 

Love Always … Tam

4th of July Vacation


Just got back from vacation, it was actually good and relaxing. I don’t normally like to go away from home for long periods of time, especially with kids and expect it to be relaxing. But when you have grandma and grandpa there to help and they can pretty much entertain themselves for 8 hours in the water, it can be pretty relaxing. Except the kids deceided they wanted to tube… behind the boat…. just the two of them!! I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!!

We went on our annual canoe trip down the Namekogen, this year we opted for a shorter, easier trip and it was just about perfect. Not much paddling was done, you got to enjoy mothing nature, we got out to swim a few places and a snake swam right through us!!! A SNAKE!! I almost peed my pants. That snake just swam through all of us while we here standing in the water like he owned the place. That is until I sceamed and he swam back up river, through the rest of our group and sat on the shore until we left.

No pictures from the river, I leave my phone at home. The boys caught this at the lake

This year we deceid to stay the whole week (plus two weekends, thats 9 days!) so that we would go to the Rodeo Thursday night. At first Viv did not want to go, even though we talked about it for weeks leading up. Then 5 min after we got there she decided she want to come every year. The Budweiser Clydesdales were there and for me that was worth it, those horses are beautiful and gigantic! The first rider out gashed his head into a pole right in front of us, ouch, good thing my kids were too into their cotton candy to even notice.

Food & Drink wise my week was so, so. My mother in-law is a pretty health consious lady and she planned most of the meals, so we had our veggies. The thing that really set me back was the drinking, oh and smores 🙂 I gained some weight back, but not all of it. The important part is that I enjoyed my vaction.

Love Always … Tam

Sexting Your Best Friends?!


I saw this story come across my Facebook newsfeed tonight “Why I sext my best friends” I was intrigued so I clicked and started to read. Go ahead click on the picture below and read, it is worth the five min. Then come back and finish reading my post.

  Did you read it? Not quite what you thought it was going to be about was it? Working in the photography business, dabbling a bit in boudoir and beauty photography,  I can tell you first hand how empowering pictures like that are. In fact here is a picture I did a few years back.

As I was doing my hair and makeup I almost started to transform, my confidence started to build. Now this picture has been Re-pinned via Pinterest nearly 1000 times! Eeek!

I do want to tell you that your body is an amazing little skin house your soul lives in, and you only get one, and you sure as hell better admire it every day.

– Nora McInerny Purmort

Now repeat what Nora said and believe it every day.

Love Always … Tam

What’s Up?


What’s Up, besides my weight that is….How can you want something so bad, but yet you can’t control yourself to get it?  Yesterday as we were watching TV a commercial came on for one of those media-spas that “get rid of your body fat in just one day” Vivian turns and looks at me and says “mom why don’t you do that?” I told her because it doesn’t just work like that and it cost lots of money. Bless her heart that g12513857_10208527355720936_8188607754644347526_oirl looks at me and says in all seriousness “I know, I can give you all the money in my piggy bank for it” That right there should have broke my heart in two, made me hop up and get on that treadmill, instead I just sat in my chair and curled up in my blanket a little longer. I know that she is getting older and starting to notice more that mommy has a “big booty butt” (as we call it) and a big belly and I cringe at the day that she will be embarrassed by me because her mommy is fat. I mean I am going to embarrass through out the years, but I don’t want it to be because of my weight.

Last night my mom called me to come over to have a late night “business meeting” in the hot tub. I went over, we sat in that hut tub for 2 hours!! The night was perfect with a full moon, no wind and it was almost 30 degrees out! We talked about work and started getting excited for our upcoming season of senior pictures and our new class of spokesMODELS, we talked about all the new cool stuff coming into the Boutique for the next sale (all I can say is think Joanne Gaines!) and of course we talked about our weight. How we still haven’t lost anything over the winter, how 4th of July will be here before we know it and how this year was going it be different! Man I so want it to be different, I want to skinny (I am using this term loosely because I know it isn’t all about size), I want to go and pick out a cute outfit for the 4th and not just see what there is in my size and looks decent.

Rant over, thanks for listening.

Love Always … Tam

So I Had a Craving…


True story, this how my Saturday morning went, kind of ashamed but it is a daily struggle that I go through.


Disclaimer: Not my picture, I found it on Pinterest. 

So I had a craving for something sweet and I had the itch to bake. I love to bake. Back in high school it would be nothing for me to bake banana bread, banana cream pie and a cheese cake all in one night.  This is what happened with my craving:

I wasn’t going to leave the house so I had to find something to bake with what I had on hand. Ohhhh, I have brownie mix, the search for brownie ______ was on.

After an extensive search on Pinterest I decided on Browine Batter Frosting and it was made.

Hmmmm I still have half the bag of brownie mix left, I should just mix it up and bake it, so I did. Hmmm, that is a lot of chocolate and it could really use something else, like a caramel something else.

Now the search is on for a homemade caramel sauce. I could find lots of receipes but…I had no heavy cream 😦 Wait, what is this that I see… A receipe that replaces heavy cream with coconut milk! I have coconut milk! Caramel sauce is made.

Holes poked in brownies and caramel is poured over, let is cool and top it off with the frosting. Mmmmm, I can’t wait for the kids to take a nap so I can devour the whole pan myself. For now I will just take a forkful or two…

Hmmmm it, taste good, but not satisfying. Maybe another forkful, hmmmm, yup still not quite doing it. One more forkful, yup that’s it, my stomach hurts! You know what would taste good veggie juice. What?? Veggie juice? Did I really just think that, what is going on with me? I would rather have veggie juice then a brownie.

Moral of the story, trust the process. I have been having my Shakeology everyday, eating healthier (for the most part) and just recently started drinking veggie juice.  Now I would prefer to have veggies over a brownie, I never thought that day would come.

Love Always … Tam

Ps. After I realized I wanted veggies instead of brownies I tossed the whole pan in the trash and made some veggie juice. Moving Forward.